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Embark on the Next Level Course, a deeper exploration designed to elevate your mental, emotional, and creative faculties. This course delves into five key areas areas: boosting cognitive functions through
neuroplasticity, tran
sforming subconscious patterns for positive change, nurturing unconditional love and self-acceptance, igniting inspiration and creativity, and mastering relaxation for total rejuvenation. This course is only for those that have completed the Foundation Course.

Brain Boost


Brain boosting techniques designed to sharpen and focus the mind, enhance mental ability and agility, quicker thinking and overall cognitive performance.

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Mind Transformation


 Learn to change your inner negative voice into positive actions to align with your life goals and help you change negative habits for the better.

Loving Kindness


Cultivate unconditional love, happiness, and joy, emphasising the importance of self-acceptance
and self-love. By fostering an attitude of kindness, it enhances emotional resilience and deepens
connections. This promotes a deeper sense of wellbeing, and greater acceptance of oneself and
others, making them indispensable for anyone seeking to enrich their life with genuine contentment, warmth and appreciation.


Inspiration and Creativity 


Foster innovative and creative thinking, giving you the skills to think outside the box and adapt
your thinking. Heighten your awareness to notice things that you might have otherwise overlooked, giving you a fresh perspective.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation


Discover techniques that not only relax and rejuvenate your body, but are also vital for sustaining physical health and mental wellness. Master the art of releasing tension, replenishing
energy, and harmonising your body's system

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