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Ricardo Peres has been a football manager for the last 18 years. He has coached the Portugal national football team and club teams in Europe, South America and Asia. He has used wellbeing techniques to help players:

  • Stay in peak condition mentally, emotionally and physically

  • Improve concentration levels and become task focussed

  • Become better decision-makers and more instinctive

  • Improve team-work 

  • Stay calm in high pressure situations

  • Manage stress from the media, club and fans

  • Develop a real love for their sport so that they are not influenced by external events

UEFA Euro 2012 2016

During the UEFA Euro 2012 championships, Ricardo worked closely with the Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patrício. The techniques were used to improve his self-awareness and develop 100 % focus on the task. Furthermore, during the penalty shoot-outs, they allowed him to manage the high pressure and high emotions that otherwise could get in the way.  Portugal finished 3rd in 2012 and then in 2016 became Euro Champions. Rui’s performance was key to that success.



  • Initially taught to 50 medical and management staff working in the hospital, palliative care units, ICU, hospices and nursing homes

  • Helped to cope with stress and insomnia in a very demanding and variable work environment

  • Improved communication between staff and staff and patients

  • The techniques were used at the start of team meetings to relax, ground and focus everyone

This is what the staff said:

“It’s helped me to control all this chaos in my head. Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Meditation has relaxed me, it’s “me” time, I love it!” Chi

“It’s helped me in my job, especially to deal with stressful situations, to have a new perspective and helped me to focus” Sara

“We now communicate better, take better decisions and there is generally move positivity, focus and empathy” Maria



a global technology powerhouse

  • Twice monthly guided Company Support Sessions for 60 head office staff

  • Helped to fulfil Siemens’ duty of care and satisfy auditors for the mental wellbeing of their staff

  • Sessions adapted to better understand and apply the company’s core values (Red-Green Behaviours) in daily work.

  • One Senior manager wrote “The link to the red/green behaviours was great – I personally think it’s been the best explanation so far!” 

This is what the staff said:

“Thank you for your great work in keeping us in top form” Tony

“OMG – today’s session was so good that it made me cry … in a good way! I definitely connected to my head and heart.  Although I cried, I finished off in a calm positive way” Jyotsna

“I usually wake 2/3 times a night (sometimes more), but was only aware of being awake once & felt that the sleep I got in between sleeping & waking was better quality”

“This was my first experience of meditation and I really felt different. Next time I will encourage my team members to attend”



a science-led global healthcare company

  • 135 online staff joined the first session

  • 50 % were meditating for the first time

  • The staff gave an overall quality rating of 92 %

  •  97 % of staff said Wellbeing for Business would definitely help them with work

  • 100 % of staff requested regular sessions

This is what the staff said after the first session:

“The session was brilliant, very easy to follow for someone who has never done meditation before. I could feel a difference right after the session ended”

“Really helped me to refocus and I was able to re-approach my projects for today with a clearer and calmer mind”

“I found it very calming and also empowering.  It helped me to accept myself as I am and this has meant I have a quiet confidence about me today, and improved focus”

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