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Elevating Athletic Performance: Success with Professional Football

Ricardo Peres' Approach to Player Development
  • With a 20-year career as a football manager, Ricardo Peres has coached teams at the highest levels, including the Portugal national team and various club teams across Europe, South America, and Asia.
  • He has integrated wellness and wellbeing techniques, including ‘Awake Your Potential’ to optimize player performance.
Key Achievements Through Techniques
  • Maintaining players' peak mental, emotional, and physical condition.
  • Enhancing concentration and task focus.
  • Developing players into better decision-makers and more instinctive athletes.
  • Strengthening teamwork and cohesion.
  • Equipping players to remain calm in high-pressure scenarios.
  • Effective stress management amidst intense scrutiny from media, clubs, and fans.
Ricardo Peres on the Power of Meditation in Sports
This meditation technique brings our focus inward, particularly to the heart. It's a process of quieting the mind. Achieving peace and stillness is key as it allows players to fully engage in their sport with love and dedication and undistracted by external pressures. Meditation is not just about coping with expectations and pressure, it's also about reconnecting with our passion for the sport, enabling us to perform at our absolute best.            
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