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In this 5-hour workshop over Zoom, learn easy to practice techniques that are specifically focused on improving your wellbeing and work performance, which will also transform your personal life.

You will be taught tools that can be used whenever you need to adapt, re-focus and become more effective and productive.

The key to improving your wellbeing is when you can rebound from stressful situations. For that you will be shown how to strengthen your mental, emotional, physical and energetical health.

All of this is achievable by using the workshop techniques that are fast, short and effective. Use them at work or at home and some will take just 1 minute to practice.

For example, are you:

 • Unable to sleep at night

 • Feeling tired and lethargic

 • Can’t focus and concentrate

 • Drained by colleagues

 • Under constant stress and pressure and unable to switch-off from work

 • Anxious and nervous before presentations

 • Struggling with motivation and confidence

 • Being indecisive

 • Lacking in creativity and innovation

 • Lacking in team spirit

By showing you how to improve your wellbeing, companies have grown in three key areas:

• Increased efficiency and productivity

Improved decision-making

• Reduced stress and staff working days lost to ill health

The resulting economic benefits gives companies a competitive edge and directly results in higher profitability.

These fast-working techniques can be used for:

 • When you wake up and need to start the day focussed

 • Need a fast energy boost

 • Need to think clearly when under pressure or when multi-tasking

 • Controlling stress and anxiety before it builds-up

 • To calm the mind and focus

 • When you need to relax and re-charge

 • Becoming more driven and ambitious

 • Creating a happier workforce

 • Before you go to sleep

 • Dealing with interrupted sleep

And lots more…

You will learn techniques in breathing, relaxation, energization, self-analysis and a variety of meditation approaches extensively researched by Harvard Medical School. Wellbeing for Business is modelled on a 5,000-year-old yoga tradition called Kriya Yoga. It’s been used by many successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, most notably Steve Jobs. 

The techniques are incredibly powerful at:

• Overcoming fears and stopping fight or flight symptoms

• Overcoming stress and anxiety

• Replacing negative emotions with positivity

• Help you enjoy and love what you are doing

• Increasing resilience

• Improving perception of people and situations

• Becoming more self-aware and self-confident

• Improving social awareness and relationship management

• Neuroplasticity – for brain fitness, learn and adapt to changing situations faster

• Increasing creativity and becoming more visionary

• Being more productive

Students leave our courses being able to connect more easily with their own inner clarity and joy. What you truly enjoy and love doing, you will also do better and with less stress.  Even life’s challenges are approached with greater resilience and positivity.  These are the traits of the most successful people.

Living in a world of relentless change, it is essential that you have access to tools that you can frequently use and that will bring you back to a state of calmness, positivity, efficiency and which unites people.

As your wellbeing coach, we are here to work with you.  Our years of teaching experience has proven that our techniques work fast with a diverse range of people in businesses, the NHS, wellbeing clinics, with professional athletes and coaches, military academies, universities, within the prison system and more.


Finance Consultancy


The Path to Success

A Company Course is tailored to the staff requirements, values and vision of a company. We offer flexible timings including sessions for ease of integration into the working day.  We also offer a free taster session and evaluation report before you commit to the full course.  See GSK Case Study.

The Company Course is designed to support all levels of employees, ranging from part-time, full-time, remote, office based, project teams, senior managers and leaderships teams.

To discuss your requirements and receive a proposal, get in touch.

Friendly Business Team


Expert Guidance

After completing the Company Course, we can provide guided support, drop-in sessions to help transform your company’s performance, support mental health and allow employees to keep improving their wellbeing skills.  Sessions are always varied, engaging and staff feel that they are being supported.  Session timings are flexible, in the morning, lunchtime or evening.  To discuss your requirements and receive a proposal, get in touch .

Group Discussion


Wellness is Everybody's Business

Open courses are structured, 5 hours long and taught over 2 weekends. They are open to anyone that wants to enhance and create a solid foundation for their wellbeing, health, work and life quality. The Open Course incorporates all aspects of the Company Course.  Course cost is £99.



A Comprehensive Approach

Private one-to-one sessions are personalized, flexible, targeted to what is challenging you, what you need and/or are aspiring for. You will feel empowered from the first session. The sessions will enable you to focus, reorient yourself and grow in ability and confidence. With renewed control and composure, you will see how much easier it is to improve and move forwards with you work and personal life. The price is £40 per hour.

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