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The Foundation Course is a transformative journey designed to enhance your wellbeing across five
pivotal areas: unlocking your potential, revitalizing energy
through breath, achieving mental calmness,
ensuring restorative sleep, and cultivating happiness and gratitude. Embark on this path to discover
essential techniques for a balanced, productive, and joyful life.

Discovering Your Potential


How to ‘Awake Your Potential’, the science behind the incredible capabilities of the human body and mind and how you can transform and grow in resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Energizing Breath


Learn breathing techniques to overcome fatigue, detoxify the body, aid concentration and boost productivity. Correct poor breathing habits, accelerate recovery times post-physical exercise and boost your mental energy and ability to meditate.

Calm Mind 

Master mindfulness and five other meditation systems studied by Harvard Medical School. For calming the mind and ensuring clarity and peace, which is crucial for managing stress and anxiety and thriving in a hectic world. Discover your meditation hack for calming your mind in just 1- minute.

Peaceful Sleep


Sleep is the pillar of the triad of health, alongside nutrition and exercise. Yet, 50% of adults regularly experience insomnia,  which can profoundly impact physical and mental health. Learn how to overcome poor sleep, insomnia and feel more rested and less tired.

Enhancing Mental Ability


Brain boosting techniques designed to sharpen and focus the mind, enhance mental ability and agility, quicker thinking and overall cognitive performance.


Gratitude & Happiness

Happiness allows us to develop emotional balance, positive emotions and to experience life with more joy. The happiest people in the world are those that
meditate. A positive mindset can transform obstacles into opportunities, improving our resilience and management of stress. Gratitude strengthens our
relationships and together with happiness enhances our decision-making, efficiency and effectiveness, making us more productive.

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