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Transformative Results: GlaxoSmithKline's First Session

Engagement and Participation


  • 135 staff members attended our inaugural virtual workshop.
  •  50% were experiencing meditation for the very first time.
Exceptional Quality and Impact
  • 92% outstanding quality score given by the participants
  • 97% felt 'Awake Your Potential' would positively influence their work performance.
  • 100% unanimously expressed a desire for regular sessions.

Empowering Feedback from Participants

“It was easier to prioritise, concentrate on work, multi-task and be more productive. We felt empowered, less stressed and more happy throughout the working day”

“The session was brilliant, very easy to follow for someone who has never done meditation before. I could feel a difference right after the session ended”

“I found it very calming and empowering and this has meant I have a quiet confidence about me today. This would help me with mental health, focus and reset stress levels”

“Really helped me to refocus and I was able to re-approach my projects for today with a clearer and calmer mind”

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