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Enhancing Wellbeing in NHS England

Transforming Health care


NHS England took a significant step by introducing 'Awake Your Potential' to 50 of its medical and management staff. These professionals worked across various demanding environments, including palliative care units, ICU's, hospices, and nursing homes.
Tangible Benefits in a High-Pressure Setting
  • The program proved instrumental in helping staff manage stress and insomnia, common in their high-stress work scenarios.
  • It fostered improved communication both within teams and between staff and patients.
  • A unique application saw the techniques being used as the strart of team meetings, helping everyone to relax, ground themselves, and sharpen their focus.
Empowering Feedback from Participants
“It’s helped me to control all this chaos in my head. Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Meditation has relaxed me, it’s “me” time, I love it!”
“It’s helped me in my job, especially to deal with stressful situations, to have a new perspective and helped me to focus”
“We now communicate better, take better decisions and there is generally move positivity, focus and empathy”
“Through the practice I became more grounded and centred and this helped me to overcome the fear of confronting complicated situations at work with patients and staff members. I became calmer, less judgmental and more understanding of others” -Ana
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