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siemens case study

Successful Integration of Corporate Values and Wellbeing

A Partnership with Purpose


  • Siemens, a global technology leader, embarked on a unique journey with 'Awake Your Potential'.
  • They focussed on integrating our techniques with their company's core values and behaviours.
Meaningful Impact on Corporate Culture
  • Bi-monthly sessions for their head office staff.
  • These sessions also played a crucial role in fulfilling Siemens’ commitment to the mental wellbeing of their employees.
  • Additionally, they supported Siemens in meeting external audit requirements for staff welfare.
Praise from Leadership


  • A senior manager remarked, “The tie-in with the red/green behaviours was exceptional – it's the clearest explanation we've had yet!”

Empowering Feedback from Participants

“Thank you for your great work in keeping us in top form”

“OMG – today’s session was so good that it made me cry -  in a good way! I definitely connected to my head and heart.  Although I cried, I finished off in a calm positive way”

“I usually wake 2/3 times a night (sometimes more), but was only aware of being awake once & felt that the sleep I got in between sleeping & waking was better quality”

​“This was my first experience of meditation and I really felt different. Next time I will encourage my team members to attend”

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