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Human Potential is the only unlimited resource we have in this world



Wellbeing is a fundamental life skill in today’s world. It
equips us to adapt and evolve in a time of relentless
change, increasing workload and daily mental and
emotional struggles. Awake Your Potential has been
cleverly engineered as a simple and fully integrated wellbeing system, that will shift you

-Stress to harmony and resilience
-Disease to wellbeing and peace
-Chaos to clarity and inspiration
-Fear to love, joy and gratitude for life



Awake Your Potential comes from a unique 5,000-year-old yoga and wellbeing system
called Kriya Yoga, practiced by some of the greatest yoga masters that ever lived.


Famed for being the fast path of meditation and developing self-awareness, it has inspired pioneers in the field of meditation, entrepreneurs and business leaders, for example like Steve Jobs. He made meditation a daily habit, giving him a different insight, creativity and inspiration in his work.

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Increasing efficiency and productivity 
Improving decision-making 
Reducing stress and anxiety and working days lost to ill health

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Meaningful Collaborations

We're committed to all of our clients by providing professional consulting and coaching services tailored to your needs.

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What’s Being Said

Great Help for Staff and Patients in the Hospital

The course was amazing! The techniques simple and they worked fast in bringing me into a state of calmness and inner peace. It has helped me to overcome the fear of confronting complicated situations with patients and staff members. As a result, we communicate better and take better decisions.  It really has been life changing in a short space of time.

Ana, Senior Nurse, NHS England

Staff felt Supported with their Mental Health

Our primary goal was to equip our employees with the tools required to deal with stress. Colleagues have been coming back to work feeling more energised, productive and efficient. Many attendees experienced an improvement in their sleep patterns.  We are very much looking forward to improving ourselves and our meditation skills further.

Sonal, Compliance Assurance Manager, Siemens Financial Services

I Needed Someone to Adapt Sessions for my Needs

Having classes with Roshan is special. I love the way that he adapts the classes to support me with exactly what I am going through. It has helped me to find a calmer and peaceful place within me. It has considerably improved my capability of dealing with my fears, stabilizing myself, finding focus and clarity of mind.  Roshan has taught me how to control the volume of noise in my life!

Flavia, Business Development and Office Manager, Finastra, Portugal

I Used it to Run a Large Successful Business

​Running the largest Clinic in Europe for Complementary Medicine, Wellbeing for Business developed my focus, concentration and creativity, essential tools in running a business. It enabled me to be flexible, adaptable and fluid in my decision making in times of great uncertainty.  I would recommend this course to all businesses. It creates an ability to adapt and respond positively to the many changes we face today.

Teresa Hale, Founder of Hale Clinic

The Greatest and Most Important Instrument in my Life

As a public person it is my responsibility to be maximum connected with myself, to be positive and to give people that love, light and beauty.  Meditation has changed my life completely.  It is the instrument that helps to bring balance. Without it the day is more stressful. It is also the biggest source of inspiration. I can find beautiful ideas or melodies for a new song or a mantra. I highly recommend to meditate at least 15 minutes a day.

Sati Kazanova, Russian Singer, Fashion Model & TV Personality

Using Wellbeing to Focus on Safety Improvements

Regular group meditation exercises offered to the ship crew improved teamwork, relationships and there was a less stressful working environment. Incident reporting for accident mitigation also increased. The emotional stress caused by isolation from family and loved ones was reduced. Meditation is a great weapon in the arsenal of leaders and managers to improve on safety, efficiency, and teamwork. 

Captain Dimitrios, Founder and CEO, Proteus Social Innovation & Development, Greece

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